Treatments For Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Expecting women tend to suffer acid reflux during pregnancy because of the pressure of the child and the hormonal changes and require a special treatment.

How To Treat Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Apart from the usual treatment, there a special recommendations for pregnant women. Heartburn can become specifically even worse while sleeping, because a reclining placement allows acid to stream even more effortlessly into the esophagus. According to, expectant women additionally locate that lying on their left side lessens acid reflux while resting.

Controlling Heartburn

If your techniques have fallen short, you will likely need to take medicine. Antacids are efficient at dealing with acid reflux and are safe to utilize throughout pregnancy, because they are not taken in into the bloodstream. While you are experiencing acid reflux, consume plenty of water to help clear the acid out of the esophagus.

Eat smaller and more frequent meals along the day.

Drink more water during the day to reduce the risk of heartburn.

Avoiding certain foods that trigger acid reflux, such as spicy or fried foods.

Avoid all caffeinated (including chocolate) and carbonated beverages from your diet, as these tend to promote bouts of heartburn. Tea is good, as long as it doesn’t include peppermint or spearmint.


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