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Drug-Free Treatments For IBS    

Among Them Are Stress Reduction And Special Diets    

There is a gastrointestinal condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It affects the processing time of the food matter inside the intestine. If the process is too slow, the result will be constipation, but if it is too fast, the intestine won’t be able to extract the water properly from the food matter, leading to diarrhea. In some cases, both conditions are present. It is treated by medications, but in some cases, patients do not respond to the medication, or cannot stand the side effects. However, there are some drug-free was to reduce the symptoms of IBS. One of them is reducing the stress level, which affects digestion. This is because the principal concentration of neurons besides the brain and spinal cord is in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, stress hormones, such as cortisol, can alter movement through the gastrointestinal tract (speeding it up or slowing it down). Among the stress-reducing techniques are meditation and mindfulness. These will reduce the frequency and severity of IBS-related symptoms, as well as abdominal pain and improve bowel habits. Other drug-free treatments are special diets, low in certain dietary sugars, and low in gluten. More info click here.


A Heart Attack May Be Confused With A Heartburn Or Indigestion    

It Can Be Identified With Other Symptoms, Such As Dizziness, Sweating, Or Even A Sensation Of Panic Attack    

Pain caused by a heart attack can be confused with indigestion. However, there are ways to differentiate them. Heart attacks are caused by a reduced supply of blood to the heart, due to a blood clot or an obstruction in an artery. This damages the heart muscle, causing chest pain. However, sometimes this pain is sometimes not intense, which can be confused with heartburn or indigestion. Diabetes sufferers may not feel any pain at all. Therefore, to identify if there is a heart attack, it is important to check its other symptoms. Among them are lightheadedness or dizziness, sweating, and nausea. Other symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, and a feeling similar to a panic attack More info click here.


Useful Advice If Suffering From Heartburn    

It Includes Avoiding Alcohol, Fatty Foods, And Smoking (Even Passive Smoking)    

Heartburn is caused when the stomach acid returns to the esophagus due to a malfunction of the gastroesophageal valve, the valve that prevents the food matter from returning from the stomach. The acid will cause an unpleasant sensation in the esophagus and in the throat. However, there are ways to avoid it. One of them is identifying which foods and drinks trigger the heartburn sensation. Among them are alcohol, caffeine, and fatty foods. Smoking can also trigger heartburn, and, if suffering from it, will make symptoms worse. It also includes passive smoking, so a good idea is to stay away from smokers. Stress and anxiety, and excessive weight. Also, acid reflux and heartburn usually occur when the body is on a horizontal position because the food matter can return due to gravity. Therefore, a good idea is to use a wedge pillow, which will elevate the head and chest. More info click here.


This Ice Cream Can Promote A Good Night’s Sleep    

It Replaces Substances That Can Disrupt Sleep, Such As Lactose, Which Can Cause Acid Reflux    

There is a new ice cream that claims to help with sleep by making it less disruptive. It does not induce sleep but reduces the actors that can interrupt sleep, such as caffeine in chocolate, and lactose which can be the source of acid reflux. It has also low sugar, due to the fact that sugar ingestion has been related to poor sleep. It has also foods like walnuts, almonds and tart cherries, which stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, it includes protein, which contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes the production of serotonin. The idea has been to remove or replace the substances that can affect normal sleeping. Also, the flavors that contain caffeine, such as chocolate, use decaffeinated chocolate. More info click here.


Decaffeinated Coffee Has Health Benefits    

It Lowers The Risk Of Heartburn, Anxiety, And High Blood Pressure.    

Decaffeinated coffee is obtained from a process that removes 97% of caffeine. It contains 3 milligrams of caffeine per cup, while normal coffee has 85 milligrams. Also, it is known that coffee is a great source of antioxidants. Decaffeinated coffee does not have the same amount of antioxidants, but it has several benefits. Studies have proven to increase the performance of cognition-related tasks in la animals. Also, it lowers the risk of developing rectal cancer. It also lowers risk factors, such as inflammation and depression, lowering the mortality rate. And one of the main benefits is related to caffeine intolerance, which results in acid reflux. heartburn, and gastric issues. It also decreases the side effects of regular coffee, such as anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, and sleeplessness. There are also medications that can have a negative effect if taken with caffeine. In these cases, decaf is a healthier choice. Also, coffee has been related to a lower risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, in these cases, both regular coffee and decaf have shown positive results. More info click here.


Bad Breath Can Be Related To Certain Health Conditions    

The Causes Can Be Linked To Diabetes, Digestive Issues, Or Even Certain Drugs    

Bad breath is annoying, but it can also reveal that there is a health condition. Most of the time, the cause of bad breath id protein breakdown in the mouth. In other cases, the type of smell is related to a certain condition. For example, a fish smell can be caused by kidney problems, due to higher levels of urea. Other cases can be more serious, such as a fruity smell can be associated with uncontrolled diabetes and acidic smell with cystic fibrosis. It can also be related to a malfunction in the digestive system, such as a fecal smell can be caused by a bowel obstruction, musty smell with liver cirrhosis or liver failure, and a fecal smell with bowel obstruction. In other cases, it might be the cause of a digestive imbalance. Women may also experience bad breath before or after their period. Additionally, certain medications can also cause bad breath, such as drugs for acne, depression, allergies, pain, and hypertension. More info click here.


Traditional Oriental Medicine Could Have The Key To Longevity    

It Consists Of A Plant Used Commonly For Heartburn And High Blood Pressure    

According to specialists, a Japanese plant used in traditional oriental medicine could be the key to longevity. The plant is called ashitaba and contains a compound that has anti-aging properties. It has usually been used for treating heartburn, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, among others. By slowing the aging process it also slows down the cell degeneration process, which increases the risk for conditions including heart disease. The compound also affects the process which causes cell division and growth, which has been linked to cancer. Researchers fed certain insets with the compound, resulting in a 20 percent increase in their lifespan. It also showed positive effects in lab animals, protecting the heart when the blood flow suffered a blockage. Scientists suspect that the substance triggers a process called autophagy, in which the damaged cells are removed, similar to recycling. More info click here.


Energy And Sports Drinks Can Be As Harmful As Sugary Drinks    

The Acidic Content Can Affect The Tooth Enamel, Promote Bacterial Growth In The Mouth And Cause Acid Reflux And Anxiety    

Many people that energy drinks and sports drinks are healthier than sodas because of their low sugar content. However, they have a high acidity level, which can damage tooth enamel. Even though tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, an acidic environment can temporally soften them, increasing the risk or wear. Energy drinks have twice the acidity level of sports drinks. Acidity is measured by pH. A lower pH, means higher acidity. Saliva has a pH between 6.8 and 7, which is considered neutral. A sip of an energy drink will lower the pH of the saliva to 2, taking 30 minutes to return to a normal level. During these 30 minutes, the enamel is exposed to a highly acidic environment. However, people do not take a sip of an energy drink, they take a full can or bottle or even several cans. The low sugar level gives people a false sense of security, but there are other risks besides the wear of enamel. The acid in the drink promotes the growth of bacteria, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Energy drinks also cause acid reflux, which will also result in cavities if the stomach acid returns to the mouth. Another risk is a sense of anxiety, which can lead to tooth grinding. More info click here.


Excessive Coffee Ingestion Can Lead To A Caffeine Hangover    

Among The Symptoms Are Sleep Disorders, Headaches, Acid Reflux, Excess Anxiety, And Heart Palpitations    

Sometimes a deadline, final exams, or preparing a presentation can demand us working late for several nights. Most think about avoiding sleepiness with a good cup of coffee. And when one cup is not enough, the solution may be two or three more until the job is done. But what happens with the body when there is excessive caffeine ingestion? It can suffer from a caffeine hangover. People have different degrees of tolerance for alcohol. The same happens with caffeine. One symptom is a strong headache, however, caffeine is included in many headache medications. Specialists believe that excess caffeine can increase the risk of headache due to medication overuse. Another symptom is insomnia, even after many hours of taking the last cup. This is because the metabolism slows down with age, delaying the absorption of caffeine. The heart also can suffer, with a fast rate or palpitations. Excess caffeine in the body can affect the gastrointestinal system, promoting acid secretion in the stomach, and relaxing the gastroesophageal valve, which causes the food matter to return to the esophagus and throat, causing heartburn. In the case of patients already suffering from heartburn, it worsens this condition. Too much coffee also causes excess anxiety by stimulating the release of the hormone cortisol, which sets the body in a fight-or-flight situation. More info click here.


Peppermint Tea Has Beneficial Properties, But Beware If Suffering From Acid Reflux    

Among Them Are Treating Bad Breath, Gastrointestinal Pain, Headaches, And Sleep Disorders    

Peppermint tea is very refreshing and has many health benefits because of its antioxidants and minerals. It is known for dealing with bad breath but also has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It contains vitamins A and C, and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium. Studies have shown that peppermint oil combines with eucalyptus oil can be a natural treatment for headaches. It is also beneficial for gastrointestinal pain due to its anesthetic properties, and can also lower pain caused by cramps. There are people who cannot drink tea may be a problem to people who cannot tolerate caffeine, however, peppermint tea does not contain this substance. This is beneficial also for people with sleep disorders. All its health benefits are due to its high content substances like menthol, menthone, and menthyl acetate. However, if suffering from acid reflux, peppermint tea can relax the gastroesophageal valve, allowing the food matter to return to the esophagus. More info click here.