Tea Has Benefits Over Coffee, Such As Whiter Teeth, Lower LDL Cholesterol, And Less Heartburn

Tea Has Benefits Over Coffee, Such As Whiter Teeth, Lower LDL Cholesterol, And Less Heartburn    

It Also Decreases Anxiety, Headaches, And Provides Better Sleep, But Coffee Lowers The Risk Of Dementia, Cancer, Diabetes, And Provides A Better Mood And Memory Retention    

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks In the world because of the energy it provides in the morning, besides having many health benefits. But there are also many people that prefer tea, which is also beneficial for health. Therefore the question is, which is better? Both have pros and cons, but, according to specialists, tea has more benefits than coffee. This does not mean that coffee has no health benefits, but that it is just not as beneficial as tea. Tea drinkers can be easily identified form coffee drinkers, because of the whiter teeth, especially in the case of white or green tea. They also have lower cholesterol, because most coffees have two compounds that increase the level of LDL, which is the “bad cholesterol”, whereas only Turkish or French Press coffee increases HDL cholesterol, the “good” one. Coffee can also lead to heartburn problems, due to its high acidity, and anxiety and sleep disorders, because of the high amount of caffeine, which can have, in average, 5 times more than tea. On the other hand, tea drinkers may feel less alert and perhaps suffer from headaches for some days due to caffeine withdrawal. However, coffee also has benefits, such as a reduction of the risk of dementia, diabetes, and cancer, a positive mood due to its effects on the brain, and better memory retention. Click here for more info.


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