Gluten Intolerance Can Occur Without Suffering Celiac Disease

Gluten Intolerance Can Occur Without Suffering Celiac Disease    

Among The Symptoms Are Abdominal Pain, Headaches, Anxiety, And Muscle And Joint Pain    

Celiac disease is considered a form of gluten sensitivity. However, a recent study has shown that gluten sensitivity can occur without suffering from celiac disease. It selected a number of participants that did not suffer from celiac disease and were given a pill with gluten. A number of them showed symptoms of gluten intolerance, such as abdominal pain, excess gasses, headaches, fatigue, and bloating. Other symptoms are anxiety, depression, and muscle and joint pain. However, there are differences between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease is caused by an autoimmune response, which releases certain antibodies, while this does not occur in the case of gluten intolerance. Also, celiac disease causes damage to the small intestine, which affects the absorption of vitamins and minerals, but this condition does not happen with gluten intolerance. Celiac disease can be diagnosed by a specific test, however, there are no tests for non-celiac gluten sensitivity, making it difficult to diagnose. The only treatment is avoiding the ingestion of foods with barley, wheat, rye, or any other foods that include gluten. Click here for more information.


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