Gastrointestinal Problems Increase In Older Adults

Gastrointestinal Problems Increase In Older Adults    

The Causes Can Be Medicines And Inactivity – Learn How To Avoid It    

Older adults have more digestive problems. They are caused by inactivity, certain medications, and poor diet, among others. Medication can be responsible for diarrhea, constipation, nausea and bleeding ulcers. Inactivity, along with dehydration, can worsen constipation. Another cause is gravity – it causes the diaphragm to sink, decreasing the support on the gastroesophageal valve and resulting in heartburn. Also, diet is another cause. Taste buds decrease its sensitivity in older adults and food begins to taste different. Additionally, there is less interest in a healthy meal. How to avoid these issues?  Additional info click here.


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