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Green Tea Is A Healthy Drink, But Taking In Excess Is Not So Healthy It Can Cause Liver Damage, Dehydration, Headaches And Sleep Disorders Green tea is considered one of ...
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These Foods Must Not Be Taken Before Bedtime They May Cause Heartburn, Wakefulness, And Even Give An Energy Boost, Preventing A Restful Sleep Eating certain foods before bed will result ...
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Baking Soda Can Act As An Antacid, Preventing Heartburn And Acid Reflux It Also Decreases The Risk Of Osteoporosis, Arthritis, And The Formation Of Kidney Stones Baking soda is known ...
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The Best Sleeping Position For Avoiding Back Pain And Preventing Acid Reflux Placing A Pillow Under The Knees While Sleeping On The Back Will Align The Spine There are many ...
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Tooth Sensitivity Can Be Caused By Exposure To An Acidic Environment This Happens When Vomiting And With Severe Acid Reflux Sensitive teeth occur when the exterior layer of the teeth, ...
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  • Common Trigger Foods
  • Lifestyle Changes For Acid Reflux
  • Avoid Laying Down After Eating
  • Avoid Stress or Learn How to Cope With It
  • Keep Your Head Upright While You Sleep
  • Living With Acid Reflux, And How to Treat It
  • What Are The Common Medications Used To Treat Acid Reflux?
  • What About Natural Remedies?

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Myths And Facts About Spicy Foods And Hot Peppers

It Does Not Cause Acid Reflux, But Can Worsen It, And Does Not Burn The Taste Buds


Foods With Fiber Promote A Positive Effect In The Gut Bacteria, Reducing Anxiety

They Contain Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA), Which Might Relieve Psychosocial Stress


Anxiety Meds Can Have Dangerous Interactions With Certain Drugs

Among Them Are Meds For Treating Acid Reflux, Insomnia, And Also Painkillers


Health Benefits Of Fermented Foods

They Promote Gut Health, Decrease The Risk Of Heart Disease, And Help With Social Anxiety


What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night

They Can Be A Need To Urinate, Sleep Apnea, And Acid Reflux, Among Others


Learning Which Foods Promote Acid Reflux And Which Avoid It

Among The Foods That Avoid It Are Apple Cider Vinegar, And Fermented And Leafy Vegetables


For Better Digestion Avoid This After Eating

Going To Bed Will Increase The Risk Of Acid Reflux, And A Hot Bath Will Slow Digestion, Among Others


Study: Late-Night Eating Might Be Related To A Higher Risk Of Prostate And Breast Cancer

The Cause Could Be Associated With The Disruption Of The Circadian Rhythm


Chronic Acid Reflux Can Be Treated With Robotic Surgery

It Is Minimally Invasive, With Few Side Effects, Ending The Necessity For Constant Medication


Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

Its pH Level Reduce The Stomach Acidity And Its Mineral Contents Strengthen The Bones



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