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  • Pain While Swallowing May Reveal A Critical Issue

    It Can Be Caused By Acid Reflux Or A More Serious Condition, Such As Stroke

    Effects Of Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach

    It Can Promote Bowel Movement But Can Also Have Negative Effects

    Drug-Tolerant Tuberculosis May Be Treated With Acid Reflux Medication

    It Is Already Available, Over-The-Counter, And Safe

    Avoid These Drinks For Proper Digestion

    They Can Cause Heartburn, Bloating And Affect Gut Bacteria

    Skipping Lunch Or Dinner Can Be A Cause Of Acid Reflux

    The Stomach Might Produce Acid When There Is No Food Present

  • Stomach Acid Is A Strong Substance, But Is Fundamental For The Digestive Process

    It Must Interact With An Alkaline Layer To Prevent Tissue Damage

    Smart Pill Will Help Identifying Digestive Issues

    It Will Locate Precise Areas In The Digestive Tract Using A Camera And A Location System

    New Procedure Can Treat Heartburn With A Stream Of Hot Gas

    It Cauterizes Blood Vessels And Can Be An Alternative To Surgery

    This Type Of Acid Reflux Does Not Cause Painful Sensations

    It Happens When The Stomach Acid Has Already Been Neutralized

    Chest Pain Can Be Caused By Pinched Nerves

    Other Causes Are Acid Reflux And Cardiovascular Conditions

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