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Lack Of Ingestion Of Dietary Fiber Is Related To An Increase In Blood Pressure

It Has Also Negative Effects On The Gastrointestinal And The Cardiovascular System

New Heartburn Drug Can Decrease The Severity Of Symptoms

It Will Help The Nearly 30% Of Patients That Perceive No Relief With Treatment Based On Acid-Suppressing Drugs

Considering Surgery For Acid Reflux If Medication Proves Ineffective

It Is A Laparoscopic Procedure With A Quick Recovery Time

Avoid These Foods To Prevent Acid Reflux

Among Them Are Fatty Foods, Alcohol, Coffee, Chocolate, And Spicy Foods

Sauerkraut Has Many Health Benefits, Not Just A Sour Taste

It Is A Source Of Probiotics, Promoting Proper Digestion, And Also Helps With Brain Wellbeing