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Certain Activities Must Be Avoided After Eating For A Proper Digestion

These Can Lead To Acid Reflux, Bad Breath, And Insomnia

Police Breathalyzers Can Give False Positives With Certain Foods And Health Conditions

Among Them Are Pizza, Pastries, And Also Diabetes And Acid Reflux

Functional Foods Have Added Ingredients For Extra Health Benefits

They Help To Prevent And Treat Cardiovascular Diseases, Anxiety, And Heartburn, Among Others

An Acidic Diet Will Be Harmful To The Body

Combined With Excess Stress And Pollution, Will Lead To Gastrointestinal Conditions, High Blood Pressure, And Bone Issues

Preventing Headaches Caused By Late Lunch Or Skipping Meals

Job Responsibilities Or Travels Can Result In Late Eating And Headaches, But It Can Be Avoided With Healthy Snacks