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Researchers Have Found A Relation Between Gastrointestinal Disorders And Higher Risk Or Suffering From Migraines.

Treating These Issues With Probiotics Can Help Decrease The Frequency And Severity Of Migraine Attacks

PPI Heartburn Medication Associated With Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

These Drugs Are Generally Safe, But Over-Prescription And Widespread OTC Availability Can Result In Excess Ingestion, Leading To Adverse Effects

New Portable Device Can Decrease The Risk Of Esophageal Cancer By Analyzing The Gasses In The Breath

It Is An Alternative To An Uncomfortable And Costly Procedure And Has 91% Of Sensitivity

These Had Habits Affect Digestion, Sleep And May Cause Back Pain

Among Them Are Eating Before Sleep, Using Fat Wallets In The Back Pockets, And Reading Smartphones Before Bedtime

Oral Health Can Reveal Serious Health Problems In Other Areas In The Body

Bad Breath Can Be The Sign Of Diabetes Or Kidney Issues, While The Teeth Can Expose Anxiety Issues, Acid Reflux, And Even Eating Disorders