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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that bloating can be prevented eating certain foods? Also, papaya can be an alternative to acid-suppressing pills, learning the benefits of fermented and probiotic foods, natural remedies for acid reflux, want foods to avoid to control heartburn, late dinner and poor digestion can be the cause of nightmares, health benefits of Earl Grey tea, don’t eat these foods if heading for the gym, getting rid of the fear of heartburn surgery, what foods to include in the diet for a sensitive stomach, health hazards of eating too fast, and more.

Tired Of Acid-Suppressing Pills? Try Papaya

If you are hooked on acid-suppressing drugs and the acidity symptoms keep showing up, try papaya pills. These drugs do not show good results in the long run because of rebound hyperacidity. More here.

Benefits Of Fermented And Probiotic Foods

Ferment foods have a number of health benefits: intestinal and immune system health, vitamin production and detoxification, among others. Some consider probiotics and bacteria a multiple cure for from rheumatoid arthritis to acid reflux. However, certain precautions must be taken. More here.

Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

Heartburn can be treated in a natural way. Drinking water will help eliminate the toxins. Almonds, vinegar and aloe vera are also beneficial for acid reflux. More here.

Stay Away From These Foods If You Want To Control Heartburn

A proper diet helps control acid reflux. Some foods increase the heartburn sensation and must be avoided. Among these are fried and fatty foods, caffeine and tomatoes. Also don’t forget soda and alcohol. More here.

Having Trouble With Nightmares? Late Dinner Could Be The Cause

Nightmares have many causes. One of them is a late dinner, which will wake you in the middle of the night with acid reflux. This is worsened if there is excess of alcohol. Stress and anxiety are also causes of bad dreams. How to avoid them? Read here.

Earl Grey Tea Tastes Great And Also Has Health Benefits

Earl grey tea has a nice citrus flavor, but it also has health benefits. It has ingredients that relieve stress, reduce anxiety and alleviate depression. The same ingredient helps reducing cholesterol, protecting against heart disease. Also it helps with acid reflux and constipation, among others. More here.

If Heading For The Gym, Avoid These Foods

If you are heading for a workout, there are foods to avoid. Salad are very healthy and nutritive, but its high-fiber content will cause gas and bloating. Energy drinks have excess sugar. Whole grain bread and spicy food should be avoided also. More here.

If You Require Surgery For Heartburn, There Is No Need To Be Afraid

In serious cases of acid reflux, surgery is the most convenient outcome. Many people are afraid of surgery because its complications. However, laparoscopic surgery has shown to be safer, with a very high survival rate. More here.

Having A Sensitive Stomach? Include These Foods In Your Diet

Some of us have a sensitive stomach. Trying a new diet or dish can result on bloating or heartburn. However, there are certain foods that will help a good digestion because of its probiotic or anti-inflammatory properties. Among these kombucha, oatmeal and ginger. More here.

Eating Too Fast Is Bad For Your Health

Some people eat too fast. Apart from not enjoying the food, it is very possible that they will eat in excess, because it takes 20 minutes from the moment you start eating, for the brain to signal fullness to the rest of the body. This causes burping, bloating, heartburn, among others. More here.

Feeling With Excess Bloating? Try These Foods

When having excess bloating or heartburn, most people try to remember what did they ate and what is the cause. However, the reason might be what they did not eat. Peppermint, ginger and apple cider vinegar are among these foods. More here.

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