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  • Green Tea Is A Healthy Drink, But Taking In Excess Is Not So Healthy    

    It Can Cause Liver Damage, Dehydration, Headaches And Sleep Disorders    

    Green tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks, due to its antioxidants. However, excessive intake of antioxidants, as in the case of green tea supplements, can result in liver damage. While green tea brews have 90 to 300 mg of antioxidants, its supplements have from 500 to 1000 mg. According to researchers, more than 800 mg of antioxidants might damage the liver. Therefore the message is that green tea is healthy, while it is not ingested in large quantities. Other consequences of green tea overdose are acid reflux and acidity, due to its caffeine content, dehydration, because the tea acts as a natural diuretic, mineral deficiency, and also caffeine, leading to headaches and sleep disorders. Additional details click here.


  • The Best Sleeping Position For Avoiding Back Pain And Preventing Acid Reflux    

    Placing A Pillow Under The Knees While Sleeping On The Back Will Align The Spine    

    There are many opinions about the best sleeping position. The truth is: It Depends. If you have acid reflux, the best position is to the left side. Sleeping on your back can be the best, because of its neutral position, except when you have sleep apnea. Specialists say that sleeping on your back can also put stress on the curve of the spine. This can be avoided by placing a pillow under the knees. In this way, the head, neck, and spine are correctly aligned in a neutral position. Also, in case of suffering from acid reflux, elevating the head will prevent the food matter from returning from the stomach. More info click here.


  • Treating Babies With Antacids And Antibiotics Increase The Risk Of Developing Allergies    

    These Include Food, Drug, Dust, And Pollen Allergies, Along With Greater Sensitivity To Foreign Toxins    

    According to a new study, treating babies with antacids or antibiotics during the first 6 months can increase the risk of allergies or asthma. Even though the study has not proved that the medication is the cause of allergies, there are positive associations between antacids and almost every type of allergy. There is double the risk of the development of food allergies, and a 50% increase in the risk of drug allergies and also hypersensitivity to foreign toxins, such as a bee sting. On the other hand, antibiotics double the risk of asthma and also increase by 50% the risk of dust and pollen, conjunctivitis and foreign toxins. The cause might be the effect of medications on the immune system. Additional info click here.


  • Eating Too Quickly Can Lead To Acid Reflux, Diabetes And Heart Problems    

    Food Is Not Properly Chewed, Nor Includes The Enzymes For Saliva    

    There are cases in which fast food has a second definition. Besides being prepared quickly, it is eaten rapidly. Food needs to be chewed properly to break it up into smaller pieces and mixed with saliva enzymes for proper digestion. Also, proper digestion is established after 20 minutes. Eating too fast may have serious health consequences, such as increasing the risk of diabetes, due to insulin resistance caused by overeating. The heart also suffers due to a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. It also causes obesity because the brain does not receive the signal of fullness in time, and also leads to acid reflux, since there is excessive secretion of acid to process the poorly chewed food. More details click here.


  • Wearable Device Can Detect The Stomach’s Electrical Signals    

    It Uses 10 Electrodes And Can Detect Abnormal Activity Patterns    

    Researchers have developed a device that can monitor the electrical activity of the gastrointestinal tract. This wearable system is connected to 10 small electrodes that can recognize the stomach’s electrical signals. It can capture abnormal activity patterns in the intestines. There is also an algorithm that can separate abdominal muscle activity, heartbeats and gastric activity. The information provided is similar to more invasive methods, allowing the doctor to make faster and more personalized diagnoses. More details click here.


  • These Foods Will Help With Excess Bloating    

    Some foods produce too much stomach gases, which result in bloating and also poor digestion, added to an uneasy sensation. There are foods that will help avoid this. For example, garlic has anti-bacterial properties that will help in controlling the bad stomach bacteria. Ginger can stimulate the production of digestive juices, which helps to move the food. Also, oats can help with regular bowel movements. Click here for more details.


  • Gluten-Free Diets Are Not As Healthy As It Seems    

    Recent research has associated low levels of gluten ingestion with a higher risk of diabetes. This means that gluten-free foods and diets are not as healthy as it seems. However, people with celiac disease must take a gluten-free diet, because gluten causes a harmful condition in their intestines. More Information click here.


  • Bad Breath Smelling Like Feces Can Be The Symptom Of A Serious Condition    

    It Is Related To Decomposed Bacteria, Including Gastric Issues Like Acid Reflux, Vomiting And Bowel Obstruction    

    Bad breath can have many causes. However, there are cases in which the smell is fetid, similar to stools. This might be a symptom of an underlying health condition. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene, including chronic dry mouth, oral infections, and inflammation of the mouth, nose or throat. Sinus infection is another cause since the mucus trapped in the sinuses contains bacteria that is decomposing. The smell of feces can also come from an abscessed tooth, as a result of tooth decay, which contains a buildup of pus, which has this particular smell. There are also gastrointestinal causes, like bacterial content in prolonged vomiting and also in acid reflux. The most critical condition is a bowel obstruction, which the intestine is blocked and the digested food and stool is forced to back up, resulting in a breath smelling like stool. This last condition is critical and life-threatening. Check all the causes that can lead to breath with a smell similar to feces. Click here for more info.


  • Dry Cough Can Be Caused By Acid Reflux, Viruses Or Pollutants    

    In The Case Of Acid Reflux, It May Also Affect The Vocal Chords    

    Dry coughs can have a variety of causes. One of them is acid reflux, in which the acidic food from the stomach returns to the throat. The body reacts with a cough to get rid of the foreign matter. This can cause an inflammation of the vocal cords and is more frequent when the patient is lying down. Other causes are virus infections like a cold or flu, and also allergies which irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, resulting in a cough. Air pollution may contain chemicals which irritate the throat. Additional info click here.


  • Essential Oils Have Health Benefits For Hair Loss And Gastric Conditions    

    They Can Also Be Used For Treating Dandruff And Headaches    

    Essential oils are extracted from seeds and plants and have many health benefits. One of them is chamomile oil, which is good for skin care, helping with acne and inflammation. Also, peppermint oil can help with oral hygiene, headaches and also treat indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Researchers have also discovered that peppermint oil can be used as an alternative treatment for hair loss. Lavender oil can help improve the sleeping patterns, treating insomnia. Tea tree oil is very good for skin conditions and hair care, helping treat dandruff. Click here for more information.


  • What To Eat If You Suffer From Acid Reflux    

    Most people with acid reflux know that they must avoid spicy or fatty foods and alcohol, but which to know what foods should they eat. Among these are apple cider vinegar, which prevents heartburn symptoms, bananas, which coats the stomach lining, working as a natural antacid, and fennel tea, a natural anti-inflammatory. Check all the foods. Additional details click here.


  • Benefits Of Alkaline Water, And How To Make It At Home    

    The blood has hydrogen and oxygen ions. If the blood is acid, there will be more hydrogen ions and less oxygen, while if it is more alkaline there will be more oxygen available to the cells. Foods with refined sugars, chemical additives, pesticides, and processed foods are very acidic. It can be balanced with alkaline foods or water, which are also great for treating acid reflux. Alkaline water can be made at home adding baking soda or slices of lemon. FYI, lemon is acid, but the internal processes in the body result in an alkaline effect. Click here for more details.


  • Chewing Gum Has Many Health Benefits Linked To Excess Saliva Production    

    It Helps With Digestion, Healthy Teeth, And Also With Anxiety And Stress Due To Its Repetitive Movements    

    Chewing gum has health benefits. It doubles the production of saliva, which helps digestion by neutralizing the acids in foods. The additional saliva smoothens the flow of solid and liquid foods across the esophagus. Also has positive effects on heartburn, but the chewing gum must have fruity flavor – mint flavor relaxed the stomach valve, resulting in acid reflux. It also reduces nausea and also controls the irritability of the stomach. Also, a component present in saliva called iron phosphate helps with healthy teeth. It has also cognitive benefits, such as refreshing the memory and reducing depression. The repetitive chewing movements reduce the levels of stress and depression. Click here for more details.


  • Eating Correctly Before A Workout Will Prevent Digestive Issues    

    Spicy Foods And Sodas Can Lead To Bloating And Heartburn During The Workout    

    The body has an intense activity during a workout. Therefore it is important to eat properly before the workout to provide the correct fuel for the activity, and also to prevent digestive issues. Avoid spicy foods and carbonated drinks because they will cause cramping and heartburn. A good idea is to eat a banana, which is a complex carbohydrate that will sustain the sugar level. After a workout, the body must repair itself, which can be achieved by eating proteins in the form of meats or a protein bar. More here, More Information click here.


  • Poor Meat Digestion May Lead To Constipation, Acid Reflux And Bad Breath    

    Sometimes, feeling nausea or heartburn after lunch with a steak or a hamburger means that you cannot digest meat. Other symptoms are bloating, constipation, bad body other and bad breath, and a higher risk of acquiring food-related conditions, such as salmonella. It can be worsened there are big meat portions or improper chewing. Additional information click here.


  • Thyroid Symptoms Can Be Caused By Other Health Conditions    

    They Can Be Confused With Hair Loss, Constipation, Anxiety And Sleep Apnea    

    The symptoms of thyroid malfunction can be caused by many other health conditions. Also, in the case of young people, doctors usually don’t screen patients for thyroid conditions. Knowing the symptoms will give the patient an idea of the possible cause, and talk it with the specialist. The most common is hair loss, due to the fact that the thyroid controls hair growth, and also can lead to hair thinning. Constipation is another symptom because hypothyroidism can lower the speed of bowel movements, and also may cause memory loss. Other symptoms are anxiety and depression, depending on if the thyroid is underactive or overactive. Hypothyroidism can also cause extreme fatigue, which is also a symptom of anemia and sleep apnea. Check all the symptoms of thyroid malfunction. Additional details click here.


  • Coffee Has Many Positive Effects On Health, But Also Some Negative Ones    

    It Decreases The Risk Of Several Types Of Cancer, Parkinson’s And Diabetes    

    In the last years, there have been studies in favor of and against coffee. The truth is that is linked to many health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, besides the alertness and mental concentration. Recently, cancer researchers have released a study in which a chemical that forms in the process of roasting coffee, called acrylamide, probably may cause cancer. However, other studies have shown that coffee decreases the risk of cancer, including liver, prostate, and colon. It also reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and chronic liver disease. On the other side, it can affect pregnancy negatively, including pregnancy loss, endometriosis, and low birth weight. Check all the positive and negative effects of coffee. Additional info click here.


  • Acid Reflux Can Also Affect The Throat, Vocal Cords, And Upper Airway    

    Symptoms Are A Hoarse Voice, Coughs And Sore Throat    

    Coughs, sore throat, and hoarse voice are not only symptoms of a cold or allergies and can appear in hot weather. They can be also symptoms of acid reflux, in which the stomach valve malfunctions, allowing the food matter to return to the esophagus, and even to the upper airway, the throat and enter the larynx. It can also affect the vocal cords, which makes the voice hoarse. This is called laryngopharyngeal reflux, or LPR. In some cases, there is no feeling of heartburn, so the person is not aware that the food matter with acidic content is the cause of the throat and vocal condition. Additional information click here.


  • The Cause Of Acid Reflux, Constipation Or Other Gastric Conditions May Be A Bad Habit    

    Among Them Are Incorrect Chewing, Poor Hydration, And Meals With Sodas    

    Digestive problems have a cause. It can be a symptom of an illness or a serious condition. But in other cases, it is the consequence of a bad habit that has been present for years, such as people with jobs or activities that do not allow much time for lunch, obliging them to eat quickly and even when at the same time they are working on their desks. Sooner or later, this habit will take its toll in the form of excess gasses or acid reflux. There are other habits that should be corrected, such as chewing the food incorrectly. This does not permit the saliva to moisten the food, the saliva’s enzymes fail to process it, and the pieces of food are larger. Another bad habit is not drinking enough water during the day, but drinking in excess during meals, causing a sensation of bloating. This gets worse if the water is replaced by soda or carbonated water. Check all the bad habits to avoid. Additional details click here.


  • Fast Food Contains Excess Sugar, Salt, And Saturated Fat, Doing More Harm Than Good To Your Body    

    It Will Increase Blood Pressure, Worsen Acid Reflux, And Lead To Depression    

    Fast food is a quick way to lunch, is not expensive, and tastes great. On the other side, it does more harm than good to the body. It contains fat, sugar, and sodium, which will lead to excess weight and diabetes. It also causes addiction due to the craving for sugar and fat. It also contains empty calories – no vitamins, minerals or healthy fats to nurture the body. Also, it can result in anxiety and depression due to the excess carbs, which do not contain the elements of healthy brain functioning, affecting the cognitive process. It also has consequences on the digestive process for acid reflux or IBS sufferers because it will worsen these conditions. Excess sugar, salt, and saturated fat will lead to obesity and clogged blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure and an increase in risk or cardiovascular disease. Check all the risks of fast food. Click here for more details.


  • What To Do If You Suffer From Irritable Bowel Syndrome    

    IBS Occurs When The Intestine Works Too Fast Or Too Slow    

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gastric condition that occurs when the intestine works too fast, or too slow. This means that there are different types: IBS-C, constipation, when the intestine works too slow, IBS-D, diarrhea, when the intestine works too fast, or a mixed type, called IBS-M. The symptoms of IBS-C are abdominal pain and less than 3 bowel movements per week, which IBS-D has also tummy pain, and watery stools. Note that these symptoms are also common in other gastric conditions, therefore it is advised to have a proper diagnosis by a specialist. The next step is to determine what foods can worsen or make better the IBS. Caffeine is a laxative, and alcohol can trigger loose stools – avoid these in case of IBS-D. Fiber will help in the case of IBS-C. Also, according to specialists, one of the causes of IBS is an unbalance of the helpful bacteria in the intestine that helps digestion, which can be treated with probiotics. Check all the advice for IBS sufferers. Click here for more details.


  • Baking Soda Can Act As An Antacid, Preventing Heartburn And Acid Reflux    

    It Also Decreases The Risk Of Osteoporosis, Arthritis, And The Formation Of Kidney Stones    

    Baking soda is known as a kitchen ingredient. However, it has also alkaline properties. This can help combat acid reflux and heartburn, by working as an antacid and neutralizing the excess acid in the stomach. It also combats excess acidity in the body by alkalinizing it. Also, excessive acidity can lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, and same types of cancer. Excessive acidity is one of the causes of the appearance of kidney stones, along with iron deficiency and dehydration. Baking soda can help prevent these conditions. It also reduces inflammation, reducing the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, preventing arthritis. Check how to make baking soda water. Click here for more information.


  • Heartburn Usually Appears During Pregnancy – Learn How To Control It    

    Avoid OTC Heartburn Drugs, Spicy Foods, And Large Meals    

    During pregnancy, the excessive pressure of the baby on the internal organs causes heartburn. Also, the higher level of progesterone relaxes the gastroesophageal valve, which prevents the return of food to the esophagus. There are certain things to consider in order to avoid worsening this heartburn. One of them is taking only the meds prescribed by the doctor because OTC drugs are not all safe for pregnancy. Also, do not take foods that could trigger heartburn, such as greasy or spicy foods, alcohol, chocolate, and also, do not take huge meals. Check all the safety tips to heartburn at bay. Additional details click here.


  • A Glass Of Water After Waking Up Helps With Weight Loss And Other Benefits    

    Drinking water after waking up will help control dehydration, which can result in migraines, hypertension, kidney stones, among other serious conditions. However, it has additional benefits, such as decreasing the level of body toxins that have built up at night, when to the body was repairing itself. Also, it increases metabolism, improving digestive functions. All these will result in feeling less hungry, helping with weight loss. Check all the benefits of an early glass of water. Click here for more info.


  • Poor Posture Can Have Consequences On The Body And The Mind    

    It Affects Respiration And Causes Back Pain, Headaches, Mental Stress, And Acid Reflux    

    A poor posture not only affects the musculoskeletal system, leading to back pain and joint pain but also can harm other parts of the body. It prevents proper respiration, because of the position of the diaphragm. Also, the stress on the neck can cause headaches and hip and lower joint pain due to the muscles imbalances due to poor posture. Slouching also causes organ compression in the abdominal area, resulting in acid reflux and heartburn, and the body has to make an extra effort to digest food. Another consequence is the physical and mental stress caused by the misalignment of the body, leading to pain and loss of motivation. Click here for more info.